Reasons for having a custom Facebook page

Rock My Facebook works with you to develop custom Facebook tabs that are professionally designed and branded to your company or product. We create a functional tab that can be used to link to other Facebook tabs, websites and even files. You can define your custom page to be your default landing tab which users who haven’t “Liked” your page will see by default.

Top 10 Reasons to have a custom Facebook Page

1. Custom Facebook pages are three times more likely to be liked than standard Facebook pages.

Users get swamped with Page Requests and typically give only a few seconds to judge if they like a page or not. By having a professional first impression.

2. Facebook is the place to be.

With more than 500 million active users, Facebook is a vital place to market your business. Fifty percent of active users log on to Facebook in any given day and an average user has 130 friends. Having a page is great but having a great page is even better.

3. Give your visitors a great first impression.

When people land on your page for the first time they are usually subjected to your wall. Depending on what was recently posted they could get a total different experience than what you are intending them to. By defining a default landing page you ensure users see the content you want them to see.

4. Drive traffic to desired destinations.

You can purpose your landing page as a menu letting people see the services or products you have to offer and let them navigate to what they are looking for. This menu functionality is very similar to a home page on a website.

5. Highlight products, services, promotions and events.

By customizing your custom Facebook page you can highlight new products, upcoming events or current promotions and be assured that the viewer is aware of the trend.

6. Stick out from the crowd.

A majority of businesses now have Facebook pages. By customizing your page you can stick out from the crowd and give your audience a unique experience. A majority of large businesses have already begun to take advantage of customizing their pages and due to the low costs of getting a custom pages smaller business can compete with the competition.

7. It is affordable.

Unlike a website that can costs thousands of dollars to get something that is custom, unique and professionally designed. A custom Facebook tab can be created for an affordable price that most businesses can surely afford. With as much emphasis as people are putting into Facebook it’d be wise to invest in your Facebook presence… your competition will.

8. Give a branded experience.

With custom Facebook pages you can greet visitors with your branded look, using your colors, fonts, imagery and messaging. Having consistent branding through your various marketing efforts can increase consumer recognition and add more value to your brand.

9. Increase the share factor.

Users are much more likely to share pages that they find interesting and unique. By increasing the share factor you can increase your reach to a whole new market.

10. Increase return visits.

If you want people to come back to your page you need to make it interesting and engaging. When you make your page Rock, users are more likely to come back again. Having a rocking page is a great step towards being successful on Facebook.

So be proactive and take action. Contact us for to get started on your custom Facebook page today!